Peek-a-boo, You!

Q: Peek-a-boo, where are you? A: At Storytime with Sara (& friends)!

Join me this week for “Peek-a-boo” stories, rhymes and songs. Tuesday–Babytime–Red Balloon–10:30 Thursday–Toddlertime–Red Balloon–10:30 Friday–Babytime–Amma–10:30

Come join the Early Literacy fun!

Update: Fall Red Balloon classes are filling up. Baby classes are about 1/2 full and toddler 2/3 full. Amma baby and toddler […]

Fall Red Balloon Class Schedule Posted!

Just posted! Check out my fall (Red Balloon) Babytime and Toddlertime class schedule. Click on “Classes/Events” for more specific information. Email me ( to reserve your spot. Babytime & Toddlertime class offers you a smaller group setting combined with hands-on fun exploring books, rhymes, puppets, music and more. I’d love to have you and your […]

Two Little Birdies

So sorry to miss Toddlertime goers this week. My sick son has recovered and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Try this rhyme together with your little one this weekend–a version of “2 Little Blackbirds.” For fun, try making up your own version. See you next week!

2 little birdies sitting on a […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Hooray for Daddies! Have a wonderful “Father’s Day” with your little ones. Share this rhyme together.

Baby go round the sun Baby go round the moon Baby go round the twinkly stars On a Sunday afternoon (bounce and lift on “stars”)

Enjoy! 🙂

A rhyme for the weekend

Enjoy your little ones this weekend with this fun finger/counting rhyme.

1 is a dog that says “bow-wow” 2 is a cat that says “meow” 3 is a crow that says “caw-caw” 4 is a donkey that says “hee-haw” 5 is the _____ (use your child’s name) that says “Yippee!”

This week!

Join me tomorrow at Red Balloon (Babytime-10:30) for “Water” stories. Willi will be sharing Toddler stories (Thursday-Red Balloon-10:30) this week and Amma (Friday – 10:30) is cancelled. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Happy Mother’s Day!

“Happy Mother’s Day,” friends! Hug those little ones and have a fantastic day. You might try singing the following song together.

Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb It’s nice to get a hug from you Hug from you, hug from you It’s nice to get a hug from you So let’s give on right now!


Weekend Challenge

“Weekend Challenge” Try this bouncing rhyme while you’re waiting somewhere (restaurant, grocery line, mom trying on clothes) this weekend. Bouncing helps your child feel the “pieces and parts” of words (PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS). You need this skill to become a reader. Let’s plant the seed now and watch it bloom.

Bounce me, bounce me on your […]

Weekend Challenge!

Weekend Challenge!

When you’re waiting somewhere this weekend (restaurant, grocery check-out line, dinner to be cooked) try this action rhyme we shared this week. Rhymes help your little one hear the pieces and parts of words. This skill is called “Phonological Awareness” which is an ability that they will need to read. So let’s practice!


Weekend Challenge

Share “Groovy Town” with your baby/toddler this weekend!

Hold your little one on your lap as say this rhyme. Face your child towards you to share it one-on-one or face your child out to share with others. Bounce gently to the rhythm while doing the larger actions that come. Have fun!

Seesaw up & down […]