Thank You!

Thank you thank you, EVERYONE, for all your kind words, hugs, kid-made cards and thoughtful, generous gifts. I was truly touched by my warm send-off!

Keep up all your fun, hard parenting work because we know “Kids Who Read Succeed!”

With hugs and smiles,

Sara, Pete, Webster, Dottie Dog, Counting Mouse and the Guys-in-the-Car


Last week!

Come celebrate literacy and your little ones–last week before my “hiatus.” Friday’s party at Amma (952.926.BABY) will be a fantastic send-off! Hope to see you all 🙂

Tuesday-Red Balloon-Babytime-10:30 Thursday-Red Balloon-Toddlertime-10:30 Friday-Amma-Toddlertime-10, Babytime-11(call ahead or drop-in)



Due to the snow and difficult driving conditions Babyime at Red Balloon will be cancelled for today. Stay safe and I will hope to see you at another program this week or next week! S

Noisy Week

Thank you thank you for all your kind comments and messages. I do realize how quickly children grow and for that reason it is very difficult to say “goodbye” for now. What a pleasure it has been!

Let’s make my last 3 weeks a blast. Join me as we make some “noise” together this week!


Hiatus and “Counting Fun” this week!

Oh the fun we’ve had learning, laughing, loving those kids! Thank you for nearly 12 wonderful years of Babytime/Sara’s Stories. It’s been a fantastic journey. Beginning Saturday, March 23rd, I will be on hiatus refueling and refocusing. Keep reading good books, cuz’ kids who read succeed!

Counting Fun this week! Tuesday-Red Balloon-Babytime-10:30 Thursday-Red Balloon-Toddlertime-10:30 Friday-Amma-Toddlertime-10, […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Valentine is RED. My Valentine is BLUE. I put it in an envelope and send it off to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day! From Pete, Webster, Counting Mouse, Dottie, the “Guys-in-the-car and Sara 🙂

What a fun Babytime today!

What a great crowd today at Babytime. Thanks for coming out. We definitely started the year off right! Here’s a rhyme from today to try over the weekend.

Baby baby reach up high Baby baby wave goodbye Baby baby clap clap clap Baby baby tap tap tap Baby baby peek-a-boo Baby baby I love you! […]

Another “weekend” rhyme!

I saw so many happy smiling faces this week. Try the following rhyme over the weekend and remember the fun we had together. Your little ones may or may not yet understand the meanings of rhymes but they can hear the them. Hearing rhymes breaks our words into pieces and parts they can hear. This […]

Fun with PETS this week!

I have lots of fun in store for you and your young ones this week. We’ll be sharing stories, rhymes and songs about PETS.

You can find me at Red Balloon on Tuesday for Babytime and Thursday for Toddlertime (both at 10:30). On Wednesday I’ll be sharing storytime at the “Salt Cave of MN.” Check […]

Fun for the weekend!

What a lot of happy faces at Amma today and Red Balloon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks to everyone who joined me this week for “Color Fun.” You might remember the following rhyme from our time together this week. Use it again (& again) throughout your weekend. See you next week!

Jump jump kangaroo […]