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This year will mark the 20th year of my children’s librarianship.  Wow! What a ride!

With a M.A. in Library and Information Science from the College of St Catherine/Rosary College (now Dominican University) focusing on Children’s Literature and work, I was ready to go.  My adventure began at the Hedberg Public Library (HPL) in Janesville, Wisconsin, but took me also to the St. Paul Public Library System (SPPL), Minneapolis Public Library System (MPL), and the Anoka County Library System. Staying home when my son was born offered me a new opportunity to continue my library work through a small business in more of a consultant/teacher role.  Over the years, I’ve shared hundreds or story programs to all ages of children at libraries, bookstores, ECFE’s, Childcare centers, community events, and your homes.

I began playing the violin at the age of 3½ and have enjoyed playing semi-professionally with the South Dakota Symphony, the Janesville/Beloit Symphony, and the Mississippi Valley Chamber Orchestra. My primary instrument is the violin which I enjoy using in my programs. However, I play and use other instruments as well.  The inclusion of music to my programs has become a powerful tool that not only grab’s attention but also introduces genres, creates excitement, and encourages fun.

I have a passion for children’s literature and strive to help parents and caregivers realize their little one’s full potential.  By planting the seeds of “Early Literacy,” you will help you child prepare for reading far before the actual time of reading.  Even more importantly you will create a lasting bond with your child through the time you shared reading, singing, rhyming, talking, touching and laughing.  Children of all ages will benefit from this positive one-on-one time.

Watching my own two children grow in this way has made my heart full, leaving lasting memories.  You too will make memories, have fun and benefit from early learning.  Please join me whenever you can.  It’s been such a pleasure to be a part of your baby/child’s success!

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