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This page is dedicated to you and your baby’s achievements and successes. If you have a story to share showing how Babytime songs, rhymes and parenting ideas have worked for you, email it to me at Photos are welcome as well. I will only post a first name if that is OK with you.

Baby’s brains are doing amazing things. Let’s hear about it from you!

Your Stories

**I just want to tell you that my little boy has recently exploded with all he has learned at Infant Storytime at Red Balloon! He has been doing Patty Cake for a few months, then the other day I said “How Big is Jack?” and he raised both of his arms! He was playing one evening and all of a sudden covered his face with a blanket and quickly pulled it off — and when I said “Peek-a-boo!” he grinned from ear to ear. Thank you so much for your wonderful class! We love it! –Danielle and Jack (13 months old)

**Gavyn enjoys the classes and has learned so much over that last year since we started. I as well have learned how to interact with him in a playful and learning way. We sing the Clean up song every night to put the toys away. It is like magic, he is reluctant to help pick up until we start singing then it is as if the switch turns on and he is eager to clean. I love watching him dance and get into the motions on each song. I just wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed the classes –Tena

**We’ve joined you at the Red Balloon for quite some time now….At any rate, my Son Matt (19 mo) was singing “Dingo Dango” yesterday afternoon off and on….Everytime he said it, I’d sing your little song!!! Thanks for your energy and fun-filled 30 minutes! You are great at what you do! I use to teach Kindergarten before I had my son and watching you brings me back to what it was like being on center stage! You are great! Keep up the great work!

**I was thinking about not coming to class again until the fall. Well, then we were at Target and I saw the Webster worm puppet. I showed it to Noah and he started laughing like a mad man. And then I thought. No way can we not go to storytime until the fall. He just loves it so much. The last few classes he has really started to participate. It is so much fun to see !!! And every time I get him a new book, he is so happy. I really believe it all started with your class. Thanks.
Tara and Noah

**We use your song everyday and it makes it easier and more fun for both of us! thanks for making a difference! –Olga

**In addition to William’s basic words (mama, dada, ect.) all of his other
words start with the letter “B” (ball, bird, boat, ect.). Coincidence? I think not. –Emily

**Jack and I had the day together and I decided to take him to the Red Balloon for Storytime with you (for the first time in about 4 months), and when we turned onto Victoria from Summit Avenue, he exclaimed “Saaayyy-yaaa! See Saaayyy-yaaa?” I almost had to stop the car! He is 23 months old now and tons of new words come out of his mouth every day, but I just never thought that he would remember (and verbalize) something we last did 4 months ago given that he is only 23 months old! (I know that none of this is news to you, given all that you know about babies’ brains, but I am just in awe.) Also, he has a favorite large book about baby animals that he looks at when he is riding in his car seat. He will turn the pages and say out loud the name of each animal and the sound that it makes. It was not long ago that his pointing and whining were driving me crazy, but now his vocabulary is growing every day. — Danielle and Jack

**You have made a huge impression on my daughter, Riley, and me as we so enjoy coming to sing with you on Tuesdays at the Red Balloon. Thank you for all that you give to Minneapolis families. –Kelly and Riley (20 months)

**Your class/storytime has meant so much to us. I’m so glad I got Amelia into a class. Even though she was only 5 months when she started, she benefited so much from it and now loves books and music and is humming to songs. It’s amazing to see. –Anne and Amelia

**Reagan counts up to 10 or so, all self-initiated at times; she loves to count “1,2,3, HI PETE” at random times of the day; Reagan can repeat song phrases like “open shut them” and others that we find in books; I get her to sleep nowadays with Rock-my-baby-love,rockabye; and we have good letter recognition (sometimes identifying them correctly) plus we love to play with books and read to each other (and sometimes to ourselves) the stories from books! Oh yeah, and when I say/ask, “Tomorrow is Tuesday, Reagan, what happens on Tuesday?” Usually the answer is simply, “Sara.” or nowadays: “Sara-time.” –Andrew

**Charlie is reading. Not just a word here or there. Full books!!!!! It is so amazing how a switch just turns on in the brain and the pathways are moving full steam ahead. Thanks for teaching me how to teach him. –Heather

**Thanks again for all that you do for our kids :o). Even though Norah is one of the oldest ones there, we still love to come. It’s been fun to watch Lucy grow up learning all the songs and rhymes. I have to say, we used ALL of your material that we could think of waiting in the long lines at Disneyworld this spring….it even still works with Norah. Esp. “Baby Shark” and “Way up high in the ??? tree”. Hours of fun!!! I find myself teaching the rhymes and songs to other friends and family to help w/ diaper time or long car rides. Thanks again, Shelley