Fall Red Balloon Class Schedule Posted!

Just posted! Check out my fall (Red Balloon) Babytime and Toddlertime class schedule. Click on “Classes/Events” for more specific information. Email me (sara@saras-stories.com) to reserve your spot. Babytime & Toddlertime class offers you a smaller group setting combined with hands-on fun exploring books, rhymes, puppets, music and more. I’d love to have you and your […]

Doggies this Week!

Oh Boy! Lots of fun with “Doggie” stories, rhymes and songs this week. Join me on Tuesday at Red Balloon for Babytime, Thursday at Red Balloon for Toddlertime, Friday at Amma for Babytime and Saturday at Red Balloon for Babytime. All programs begin at 10:30am. Come see what the buzz is all about!


Get out of the heat at Storytime!

Get out of the heat and enjoy fantastic books, rhymes and songs. Join me this week at Babytime (Red Balloon-Tuesday, Amma-Friday) for fun with “Cats.” Toddlertime (Red Balloon-Thursday) will have fun with “Feathered Friends.” All programs are at 10:30am. You’ll be glad you did!

Two Little Birdies

So sorry to miss Toddlertime goers this week. My sick son has recovered and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Try this rhyme together with your little one this weekend–a version of “2 Little Blackbirds.” For fun, try making up your own version. See you next week!

2 little birdies sitting on a […]

“Feathered Friends this week!

Fun this week with “Feathered Friends!” Join me on Tuesday (Babytime) and Thursday (Toddlertime) at Red Balloon and Friday (Babytime) at Amma. All programs are 10:30am. Quack, quack, tweet, tweet, cock-a-doodle-doo! 🙂

A rhyme for the weekend!

Here’s a fun action rhyme from this week. Try it again this weekend. Have fun and see you next week!

2 little sausages sizzlin’ in a pan 1 went “POP” and another went “BAM!”

(use baby’s fists or your own as sausages–the open 1 hand for the “POP” and clap for the “BAM”)

Come hear the “Sounds” of Early Literacy

Noisy fun awaits you and your little one this week. Join me at Red Balloon for Babytime on Tuesday at 10:30am and/or Toddlertime on Thursday at 10:30. I will be at Amma on Friday at 10:30 as well. Come share in the happy sounds of Early Literacy!


July 4th Week

Let’s explore our feelings together this week. I’ll be at Red Balloon Tuesday for Babytime and Thursday for Toddlertime (both at 10:30am). Classes and Amma are off for the week. Have a great 4th of July!