Summer Class Update

Summer Class Update

Tuesday Babytime class has 4 spots left and Thursday Toddlertime class has 1 spot left.  Wednesday Babytime class is cancelled.  These classes are at Red Balloon and are limitied to 13 babies/toddlers for $12 a class.  Check for more information.

Amma Babytime class is ongoing on Fridays and is limited […]

Mmmmm Mmmmm Good!

“Dark Chocolate” will be mentioned this week at ALL my storytimes!  Come and find out why!  Tuesday-Red Balloon-Babytime, Thursday Red Balloon-Toddlertime, Friday-Amma-Babytime.  All at 10:30am.  I’m hungry already 😉

This week!

Join me tomorrow at Red Balloon (Babytime-10:30) for “Water” stories. Willi will be sharing Toddler stories (Thursday-Red Balloon-10:30) this week and Amma (Friday – 10:30) is cancelled.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

Happy Mother’s Day!

“Happy Mother’s Day,” friends!  Hug those little ones and have a fantastic day.  You might try singing the following song together.

Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb It’s nice to get a hug from you Hug from you, hug from you It’s nice to get a hug from you So let’s give on right […]

Hooray for Mamas!

Join me this week as we celebrate mamas, motherhood and the babes that gave us our title.  Tuesday–Red Balloon–Babytime, Thursday–Red Balloon–Babytime, Friday–Amma–Babytime.  All programs are at 10:30. Come share the love! 🙂