Trains this week!

Chugga-chugga choo choo toot-toot Yeah! Join me this week for “Train” stories, songs and rhymes. Red Balloon – Tuesday – Babytime, Thursday – Toddlertime and SATURDAY – Babytime. Amma – Friday – Babytime. All programs are at 10:30. Clickety-clack on over 🙂 Hope to see you and your little one at one or more of […]

Weekend Challenge!

For our “Weekend Challenge” try sharing some time with your little one doing the bouncing rhyme from storytime this week. You’ll be helping your little one with “Phonological Awareness” and having fun at the same time. Yippee!

This is the way the ladies ride Trit trot, trit trot, trit trot, trit trot This is the […]

Down on the Farm–Yee-haw!

We’ll be “Goin’ to the Farm” this week at Storytime. Join me at Red Balloon tuesday for Babytime (10:30), thursday for toddlertime (10:30) and friday at Amma for Babytime (10:30). Yee-haw! 🙂

Weekend Challenge!

When you’re out with your little one in the lovely sunshine today, take a minute to listen to the sounds around you. Start a conversation about the sounds you hear. Try to imitate what you are hearing. Ask open ended questions. Make up a story. Sing a song. The ability to hear sounds will […]

Happy Valentine’s Week!

It’s “Lovey Dovey” week! I hope to see you as I share stories, rhymes and songs in honor of Valentine’s Day. Bring your little one’s and be ready to “hug!” Tuesday – Red Balloon – Babytime, Thursday – Red Balloon – Toddletime, Friday – Amma – Babytime. All at 10:30 – call ahead for […]

Peekaboo! I see you!

Peekaboos and surprises are ready for you! Bring your baby/toddler to stories with Sara. This week: Tuesday – Babytime – Red Balloon. Thursday – Toddlertime – Red Balloon. Friday – Babytme – Amma. All story programs are at 10:30! Can you find me? 🙂