A rhyme for the weekend

Enjoy your little ones this weekend with this fun finger/counting rhyme.

1 is a dog that says “bow-wow” 2 is a cat that says “meow” 3 is a crow that says “caw-caw” 4 is a donkey that says “hee-haw” 5 is the _____ (use your child’s name) that says “Yippee!”

Weekend Challenge

“Weekend Challenge” Try this bouncing rhyme while you’re waiting somewhere (restaurant, grocery line, mom trying on clothes) this weekend. Bouncing helps your child feel the “pieces and parts” of words (PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS). You need this skill to become a reader. Let’s plant the seed now and watch it bloom.

Bounce me, bounce me on your […]

Weekend Challenge!

Weekend Challenge!

When you’re waiting somewhere this weekend (restaurant, grocery check-out line, dinner to be cooked) try this action rhyme we shared this week. Rhymes help your little one hear the pieces and parts of words. This skill is called “Phonological Awareness” which is an ability that they will need to read. So let’s practice!


Weekend Challenge

Share “Groovy Town” with your baby/toddler this weekend!

Hold your little one on your lap as say this rhyme. Face your child towards you to share it one-on-one or face your child out to share with others. Bounce gently to the rhythm while doing the larger actions that come. Have fun!

Seesaw up & down […]

Weekend Challenge!

For our “Weekend Challenge” try sharing some time with your little one doing the bouncing rhyme from storytime this week. You’ll be helping your little one with “Phonological Awareness” and having fun at the same time. Yippee!

This is the way the ladies ride Trit trot, trit trot, trit trot, trit trot This is the […]

Add One Rhyme

Choose any item your baby has 5 of and get ready to have some fun. In the version below, I used teddy bears but really any item can work (kittens, trucks, balls, apples etc). You are not only practicing numbers in this rhyme, but also telling a story–“Narrative Skills”. “Phonological Awareness” and “Vocabulary” are 2 […]

Clapping is Fun

This very simple rhyme can be used and modified for repeated use. As long as you can keep thinking of new actions you can keep the rhyme going. Use it on the way to the park (walking, stomping, rolling -in stroller or with baby in a pack), in the tub (washing, bubbles, splashing) or in […]

Check us out!

Wow! What a great looking group today at Red Balloon! Thanks to everyone who showed up for “Water” stories, rhymes and songs. If you’d like to join us, come to Red Balloon any/every Tuesday at 10:30am (or 1st Saturday of the month at 10:30). I’d love to see you!

Here’s a fun rhyme from today’s […]

Seesaw Rhymes

Here are two great rhymes I shared during last week’s Babytime. Have fun using them!

Seesaw Sacradown This is the the way to London town One foot up and one foot down That is the way to London town

This rhyme is fun to use with brand new babies when you’re looking down into their […]

Summer Fun Continues!

Hello Babytimers!

It’s been wonderful to see so many faces at “Red Balloon” and “All 12 Notes” this summer. Boy are we having a blast! Please join me as I continue sharing through the summer.

Here’s a fun rhyme from last week’s “Zoo” themed Babytime.

Round the world, round the world

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